Thursday, August 26, 2010

WIP:: Workshop:: Smithing

The below are elements that will be later add on to this early branch of the workshop category, you can follow our progress anytime here
lvl 1. Smithing- Jewelry:: Accessories creation.
lvl 1. Smithing- Weaponsmith:: Weapon creation.
lvl 1. Smithing- Armour:: Armor creation.
lvl 1. Smithing- Engineers forge:: Gadgets and gizmos creation.

lvl 2. Smithing- Wood-work:: Furniture creation. require Jewelry, and Armour.
lvl 2. Smithing- Pinocchio Creation(golems):: Pet, mounts. require Weaponsmith, Armour, and Engineers forge.

lvl 3. Smithing- Hangar:: Airship creation. require wood-work and Pinocchio Creation.

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