Saturday, November 20, 2010

Freelance/Commision work Links!

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Occasionally I would get a couple of emails regarding tips on Art-related Job search sites/forum from friends and buddy-buds, and I am always happy to share what I know.

So I thought, why not just post up a bunch of links with job opportunity sites that I regularly visit? I also often receive list of sites that my friends share with me anyway. So lets share the gifts that keeps on giving!

So from now on, I will update the list(currently it is listed on the Left side of this blog) as things goes.

If you guys also have job forum/sites that you visit and would like to recommend em' to us, feel free to suggest em on this post and I will add them up. and of-course you are also free to put up this list anywhere you like too!

-Unless otherwise contacted from the admin of the listed and future listing site, I will update the list here on this blog.

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