Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lionfish Mucha- [James Gurney Lionfish Arte Nouvaeu Contest]

A dear friend show me Jame Gurney's art contest- Arte Neaveau Lionfish Shampoo(not sure about the shampoo part). Always loved Mucha's style, failed at making it before some years back, so now more attempts.

And there we have it folks, all done, Lionfish Shampoo!


  1. hey pui, your work is amazing :) i entered a piece to that competition too but your is much more interesting than mine. it's more mucha in a sense. I'll deploy it on my blog in a few hours to document :)

    1. Thank You Emanuele! I am glad you were able to submit yours to the contest as well. It is all about fun, i hope you learn many things during the painting process!